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New England Patriots17 ) Patriots (from Raiders) | Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College

The annual Patriots bonus pick. Do the Patriots want a Running Back bad enough to take one this early? We could see the Pats even go with a pass rusher. We can see the bonus pick being used on the best offensive tackle left on the board. Castonzo fits that role here.

Picked here previously-Aldon Smith

San Diego Chargers18 ) Chargers | Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA

The Chargers could be looking at defense with this pick and Akeem Ayers can fill a void that could be left by free agency on the outside. If there were a WR that worked his way up, that is a possibility for the Chargers as well.

Picked here previously-J.J. Watt

New York Giants19 ) Giants | Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin

The Giants are always a pretty tough team to pick. The Giants really need to get healthier on the offensive line this season if they want to see consistency on the rest of the offense. There are a number of tackles that fit the mid first round mold and in this instance Carimi is the guy.

Picked here previously-Tyron Smith

Tampa Bay Buccaneers20 ) Buccaneers | Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa

The Bucs grabbed two Defensive Tackles early in 2010. There is still a need to be addressed at the Defensive End position and we could see a variety of names fall here. There is going to be quite a race during the 2011 Draft process to see which DEs come out on top. At this time we see Clayborn as the player that falls here. After a disappointing 2010 season at Iowa, Clayborn has some makeup work to do at the Combine.

Picked here previously-Adrian Clayborn

Kansas City Chiefs21 ) Chiefs | Justin Houston, OLB, Georgia

We could see the Chiefs go in a variety of directions in 2011. The team made a significant improvement on the field, but there are still some pretty apparent needs. Last season we thought that the Chiefs may go with an offensive tackle or Eric Berry. Obviously, they went in the direction of Berry and a fine pick it was. This season we are weighing between offensive tackle and pass rusher. Justin Smith would make a fine fit on the outside.

Picked here previously-Gabe Carimi

Indianapolis Colts22 ) Colts | Cory Liuget, DT, Illinois

Like the Chiefs, we have been looking for the Colts to upgrade the Offensive Line for some time. The Colts are not used to picking this early, in fact this is the earliest pick they have had since 2002 when they grabbed Dwight Freeney at #11. In this update we are seeing more tackles go earlier, and as the process moves on this will likely continue. We could see the Colts choosing between Derek Sherrod or Cory Liuget. Liuget is a safe choice to upgrade the rush defense.

Picked here previously-Anthony Castonzo

Philadelphia Eagles23 ) Eagles | Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi St.

The Eagles have done a fine job at bring some speed and talent to the offense in recent drafts. The skill positions appear to be set here, so now they need the protection. The offensive line needs work and Derek Sherrod is still available.  We could also see the Eagles using this pick in the inside of the line with Mike Pouncey.

Picked here previously-Mike Pouncey

New Orleans Saints24 ) Saints | J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin.

After years of neglect at the Cornerback position, we have seen the Saints go that route in the first round the last two seasons. There is a good chance that the Saints go with a needed passrusher here if one is available worth the pick. J.J. Watt would make a nice addition opposite of Will Smith.Defensive tackle and outside linebacker need addressed as well.  The Saints also had obvious problems at the Running Back position, could we see a pick there?

Picked here previously-Stephen Paea

Seattle Seahawks25 ) Seahawks | Jake Locker, QB, Washington

What a difference a division title and playoff win make for a team with a 7-9 record when it comes to the draft. The Seahawks are picking as much as ten picks later than they would have with a loss in the season finale against the Rams. Which direction do they go? Do they admit that the whole Charlie Whitehurst thing isn’t the long term answer? If so, we could see them go with Jake Locker here and not feel like it is much of a reach, given his one time status as the top QB.

Picked here previously-Ryan Mallett

Baltimore Ravens26 ) Ravens | Cameron Jordan, DE, California

The Ravens are a bit of a tough projection. They really don’t have many glaring needs, so we could see them go after one of the best available here. This would be a fall for Jordan, who gets a little lost in the list of players with similar skill sets.

Atlanta Falcons27 ) Falcons | Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland

The Falcons can use some help opposite Roddy White at the WR position. Can you imagine how dangerous White would be if there were a consistent wide out on the other side of the field to take some of the attention off of him? His play making ability can also be used on special teams as well. We could also see the falcons going in the direction of a CB after getting burned by the Packers in the playoffs.

Picked here previously-Brandon Harris

New England Patriots28 ) Patriots | Cameron Heyward,DE,Ohio State

As mentioned earlier, the Patriots have their annual bonus pick in the first round.  We could see them using the second pick to address the need at the running back position. We could also see the Pats beef up their defensive line with someone like a Cameron Heyward. There is also the possibility this pick was moved and they are somewhere else now.

Picked here previously- Mikel Leshoure

Chicago Bears29 ) Bears | Mike Pouncey, G/C, Florida

The Bears have had a big need for a solid offensive line help for some time. After the Jay Cutler injury in the NFC Championship game, questions are going to be swirling as to what they can do to protect him. The Bears will have some options developing here throughout the process. While not on the outside, Pouncey is certainly  help on the line that can make things happen.

Picked here previously-Derek Sherrod

New York Jets 30 ) Jets | Jonathan Baldwin,WR,Pittsburgh

The moves that the Jets made to bring in Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes have proved to be beneficial. However, Free Agency looks to be bring this WR group to a separation and the Jets will be interested in keeping their QB stocked with weapons. This pick will largely depend on what happens with the current WRs in Free Agency.

Picked here previously-Torrey Smith

Pittsburgh Steelers 31 ) Steelers | Brandon Harris, CB, Miami

While Offensive Line continues to be a need for the Steelers, there are still some issues in the secondary. The Steelers don’t reach historically and we could see them looking at the value of Harris here as a steal. If there were to be some offensive linemen that fall or work their way up through the process, we feel the Steelers would not hesitate to add some help there.

Picked here previously-Aaron Williams

Green Bay Packers 32 ) Packers | Muhammad Wilkerson, DE, Temple

The Green Bay Packers look as if they could be one of the top teams in the NFL for years to come.  The Packers grab at value picks and that applies here. Wilkerson will likely be  gone earlier as the process moves along, great value here. One obvious hole is at the Running Back position, where we had them addressing in previous updates. There is still a need for some help on the Offensive Line. Like the Steelers, we could see them make a move there if the right player was available.

Picked here previously- Ryan Williams,Mikel Leshoure

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