Updated 2011 NFL Mock Draft & Database

Hey Draft fans! We have updated our 2011 NFL Mock Draft and Mock Draft Database. As we inch closer to the combine we already see some movement since our first installment of the mock draft. Here are how the top five picks shake out at this time…

Carolina Panthers 1 ) Panthers | Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn

The Panthers are a team in transition with a new Head Coach and also in dire need of a Quarterback. We will go ahead and mention here how Andrew Luck didn’t come out and as a result screwed up the first round of the draft. There is not another QB at this point that warrants a first overall pick. The Panthers need help all over the defensive line and it could be a toss up between Nick Fairley and Da’ Quan Bowers.

Picked here previously- Da’Quan Bowers

Denver Broncos2 ) Broncos | Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson

After attempting to piece together a 3-4 defense, and then the new arrival of John Fox, the Broncos are likely heading back to a 4-3 defense. With a major pass rush need we have to look at Da’Quan Bowers as the new Julius Peppers for Foxy. While we could also see the Broncos going for Patrick Peterson, we are still concerned about the chronic cramps that have haunted him since childhood and think that scouts won’t forget about those either.

Picked here previously- Nick Fairley

Buffalo Bills3 ) Bills | Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU

The Bills really need a Quarterback and that will be tempting here. There will be a significant drop in QB talent before their second round pick, but this is too high at this time to take one this year. It’s possible one will work their way up during the combine process.  While not one of their most serious needs, Patrick Peterson’s playmaking ability will be hard to pass up here, getting younger in the secondary.

Picked here previously-Blaine Gabbert

Cincinnati Bengals4 ) Bengals | Robert Quinn, DE, N. Carolina

This is a pick that can go in many directions. Carson Palmer is asking for a trade and there may be some WRs making an exit. With that, we could see the Bengals go with the talented Mr. A.J. Green. The Bengals can also use help on the lines. They are still looking for some pass rush and with Pittsburgh and Baltimore they need to be slowing down the Quarterbacks to compete.

Picked here previously-Robert Quinn

Arizona Cardinals5 )  Cardinals | Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M

The Cardinals are one of those teams that have a very large need at the Quarterback position. If Gabbert were to get to them it may make for an easy pick. We are not so sure that the Cardinals attempt to start again with a new QB. We expect them to make a play for one of the available Free Agents. Von Miller is moving fast, some projecting him in the top three picks. Miller would make an exciting addition as a pass rusher in the Cards 3-4 scheme.

Picked here previously-Patrick Peterson

Second round coming soon!

The mock draft database is scaled down this year. Gone are the picks from each site, in will be site and mock descriptions (soon). This will give you a better idea of the site and without updating the top picks we will be able to update more often.

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