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Congrats to the Packers and their excellent drafting! So as the commercial during last night’s Super Bowl said, the countdown to prime time starts now…or something like that. It’s time to focus on the 2011 Draft (when not focusing on a lockout). Here are today’s five Draft related quotes and links for you…

Len Pasquarelli is talking draft now at CBS Sports. To be specific, he is talking about all the potential 3-4 outside linebackers in this draft and the bust factor that sometimes goes with the position.

Seems a little dated now, but it is still worthwhile information from a favorite source. NFL Draft Dog has his Senior Bowl Review up.

Scott Wright’s Senior Bowl blog at NFL Draft Countdown is good for the reviewing too.

Keep up on the draft with ESPN Videos HERE. Every now and then they let some draft content slip out of the Insider umbrella for free.

To many the NFL Draft prospects at this point are just names. Here are Bucky Brooks Top 25 in pictures.

More Take Five tomorrow!

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