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Take 5 NFL Draft Quotes and Links will be our daily…mostly daily look around the web for the latest NFL Draft news on the prospects and the teams that will draft them.

Christian Ponder is looking forward to redeeming  himself in the Senior Bowl

“It’s very precious for me,” Ponder said this week. “Obviously, I didn’t have the senior year that I wanted, and there are a lot of questions surrounding me. It’s just a heck of an opportunity for me. It’s something (where) I couldn’t shy away.”

The Orlando Sentinel is starting s semi-series on the NFL Draft, starting with their Top Five Quarterbacks.

Cam Newton is hoping that he can set himself apart from the comparisions to Vince Young and JaMarcus Russell. He will be hosting a workout for the media prior to the NFL Draft Combine.

“Cam’s working to differentiate himself from the other big kids, Vince Young and JaMarcus Russell,” Whitfield said Friday before working out Newton. “He wants to show people, ‘Hey, I’m working hard. I made a bunch of changes. I’ve acclimated.”

Not a lot of big talk coming from the Safety position this season. Jaiquawn Jarrett of Temple is hoping that he can boost his stock in the Senior Bowl this weekend.

PennLive.com is wondering about Evan Royster’s NFL Draft hopes.

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