2011 NFL Mock Draft Updated |Four First Round Quarterbacks

With the passing of the January 15th declaration deadline, we have finally put together our first NFL Mock Draft for the 2011 NFL Draft season. The initial installment is one round with commentary. In upcoming updates there will be a second and third round added.

In the first edition we found four Quarterbacks going in the first round…

Buffalo Bills3 ) Bills | Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri

Going into the 2010 season Gabbert was barely a mention as a possible first round quarterback. This is a stretch for him here, but we don’t think that the Bills can continue on much longer without addressing this glaring need. There will be a significant drop in QB talent before their second round pick. It’s true with all the defensive talent this year they could continue to build on that side of the ball, but we think they want to move past the QB issue ASAP.

Tennessee Titans8 ) Titans | Cam Newton, QB, Auburn

Interesting happenings in Tennessee. This mock came out without comments at first, just before the announcement that Jeff Fisher is on his way out in Tennessee. Will this change the destiny of Vince Young? We don’t think so, but that will be considered before the next update. As of now, we are looking at the Titans making a move for the fresh, maybe better version of Vince Young. One thing is certain, the Titans need to do something at the QB position and fast, in Free Agency or the Draft.

Washington Redskins10 ) Redskins | Jake Locker, QB, Washington

The #10 spot didn’t feel like such a reach for Locker before the start of the 2010 season at Washington. He was considered to be one of the top prospects before an average season. The Redskins found that the McNabb-Shanahan union was short lived and they should be looking for their next QB. There isn’t a much better option than McNabb in Free Agency, so the answer could lie in the draft.

Seattle Seahawks25 ) Seahawks | Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas

What a difference a division title and playoff win make for a team with a 7-9 record when it comes to the draft. The Seahawks are picking as much as ten picks later than they would have with a loss in the season finale against the Rams. Which direction do they go? Do they admit that the whole Charlie Whitehurst thing isn’t the long term answer? If so, we could see them go with Ryan Mallett here and not feel like it is much of a reach.

See the full Mock Draft HERE

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