Nate Solder Beat by the Little Man

Mammoth Colorado Offensive Tackle, 2011 NFL Draft Prospect, Nate Solder did not have a good day against Cal this weekend. He had his work cut out for him trying to keep tabs on Cal Linebacker, Jarred Price (Two sacks, forced fumble). While Solder can hold his own, speed can kill the big men.

“I like going against dudes that are tall because they can’t come down that low to block me,” Price said. “I really don’t look at the height as a big factor. I look it as an advantage to me. They were hyping (Solder), saying he was a first-round pick. I wanted to put him to the test, and I came out on top. Overall, we had a good day on defense.”

Given that he is one of the top OT prospects, this will be watched closely over the course of the season.

Source: Mercury News

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