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One response to “Rams-Bucs Trade |NFL Draft Daily Update 2/20”

  1. Lee

    We should note that although the Rams would love to get out of the top pick it is not likely as teams hesitate to give compensation to then pay the price tag demanded by a top overall pick. The Bucs should hope that the stock of Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen rise the closer we get (as they often do) to the draft and that the Rams all of a sudden feel one is worth paying at #1. Then they would have their pick of whichever DT falls to them. as many feel the stock of both Suh and McCoy is interchangeable.

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Important 2010 NFL Draft Dates

NFL Scouting Combine
February 24 – March 2, 2010
Free Agency
March 5th
2010 NFL Draft
Round 1 Thursday, 4/22 7:30-11pm ET
Rounds 2-3 Friday, 4/23 6:30-11pm ET
Rounds 4-7 Saturday 4/24 10am-6pm ET