2010 NFL Mock Draft Database Updated

As we creep up on the NFL Draft Scouting Combine in Indianapolis next week it’s time we take a look at some of the mock drafts in our NFL Mock Draft Database. The top three are starting to shake up a little bit with Suh, McCoy and Berry not necessarily nailing it down in that order.

Here are the top 3 numbers from our partner mocks as of now…

Pick #1
76% Ndamukong Suh,DT,Nebraska
19 % Jimmy Clausen,QB,Notre Dame
5% Sam Bradford,QB,Oklahoma

It appears that the thought is the Rams are more than likely going with Suh but some are starting to think they may roll the dice on a QB. They certainly need a QB but is one worthy of #1? Neither will be active physically at the Combine.

Pick #2
52% Gerald McCoy,DT, Oklahoma
24% Ndamukong Suh,DT,Nebraska
14% Russell Okung,OT,Oklahoma St.
5% Eric Berry,S,Tennessee

So if Suh does fall past #1 everyone is in agreement that he isn’t going past #2. Some feel that the Lions should address the Offensive Line in an attempt to keep Matt Stafford alive and able to end games with both arms.

Pick #3
61% Eric Berry,S,Tennessee
29% Gerald McCoy,DT, Oklahoma
5% Russell Okung,OT,Oklahoma St.
5% Derrick Morgan,DE,Georgia Tech

Eric Berry sounds like a safe pick for the Bucs but if one of the two tackles were to fall watch for them to go that route. Is #3 too high to draft a safety these days? It’s looking pretty safe that if the Redskins want to go QB they will be able to have their pick of at least one of the top two guys.

If you have a mock draft or know of a mock draft you would like to see listed please let us know by sending us an EMAIL.

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